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We have always taken pride in the fact that we only source firewood from well-managed woodland as close as is humanly possible to our depot at Holbeach in an effort to reduce our carbon footprint, and supply local fuel to local people.

Kiln Dried Economy Mixed Logs

Economy Mixed logs are a mixture of all types of wood, hard and soft. We would not recommended these for open fires as they can spit. However, when dried properly it is the most fantastic fuel for wood burning stoves or indeed any closed appliance releasing a colossal amount of heat very quickly and giving the tiniest amounts of ash imaginable.
This long burning mixture of logs is perfect for use on wood burning stoves especially when mixed with a little smokeless coal, it will burn steadily and give excellent heat and efficiency.

Log Prices

Sold by builders bag size but we deliver them loose in our easy to move ‘wheelie bins’ for your convenience. Discounts available on multiple bags ordered.

Builders bag size (0.9m³) £80 each / 2 for £155 / 3 for £225

JUST OAK LOGS £100 each

CALL HOLBEACH 01406 490265
OR TEXT YOUR ORDER 07955 885030

We guarantee all the wood is kiln dried and has a moisture content of below 25% the wood is mix of Hardwood & Soft Wood split and cut to the length of your choice either small 8” / medium 10” / large 12” - 14” so no more hassle for customers making our logs ready to burn.

Smokeless Coal

Smokeless coal for all multifuel stoves, should keep the fire going on these cold nights ! £12 (25kg bag) or 10 bags for £100. Free local delivery with SMT Wood Burning Stoves Ltd.


Our kindling is sold in ‘potato sacks’ and is excellent quality kiln dried kindling ideal for lighting a multi fuel stove, open fire or any other solid fuel appliance. £5 per sack size.

Kindling nets
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Smokeless coal
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Hardwood logs
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Oak logs
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Mixed logs
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